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Softwise Mechatronics has positioned itself as an in-depth engineering group with focus on the underlying basics. We don’t just design the product, we engineer it with attention to the smallest detail. Design elegance is not just how the product looks and feels but how efficiently it is engineered. 

Today Softwise Mechatronics employs multiple engineering experts in the diverse fields of mechanical engineering, instrumentation, electronics and computer sciences building teams which can tackle any problem thrown at them.

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What our Clients say?

We have great relationship with Softwise Mechatronics because their dedication to making our products better and modern is evident in all aspects of their work. We appreciate their attention to detail in electronics development and the creative approach in designing simple and effective interfaces.
Abhijit Paranjpe
Senior Engineer,
Ubique Packaging Systems Pvt. Ltd.
We engaged Nikhil to pick up an unfinished project for an advanced control system. It was great seeing how his team managed to work out the details of previous development and then carry the project forward and implement the control strategy successfully.
Milind Bapat
Technical Director,
Jayashree Electrodevices Pvt. Ltd.
Softwise Mechatronics handled development of one of our sensor products efficiently. They designed high quality product as per our requirement and handled multiple issues common in sensor application. We were truly impressed with the professional approach in execution the project.
Satyajit Badawe
Badawe Engineers Pvt. Ltd.